Goal-Setting in 4 Easy Steps

This week, Nate lays out a goal-setting strategy that actually works and isn’t a pain in the butt!  Even if you just implement 1 of the steps, you’ll be more efficient in achieving your goals. This has practical application in all aspects of fitness/life.

Give it a listen and let us know what you think over on the FreeFit Guy Facebook page.

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Matt, Jake and Nate

The Second One About Nutrition (and Play!)

This week, Matt, Nate and Jake sit down to talk about the upcoming Challenge at their gym, and how their views of “good nutrition” and “good coaching” have evolved over the past year.  They also spend some time talking about the evolution of play within fitness (a topic we will be discussing in more detail in the coming months.)  There are some really critical concepts in here for coaches and athletes alike.  We hope you enjoy the discussion!


The Human Animal Team

Training Young Athletes w/ Special Guest Spencer Roloff

This week I am excited to have Coach Spencer Roloff on the pod!  Spencer is one of the phenomenal coaches at Force Fitness and has taken over our AR (Athletic Revolution) Program.  He mainly trains middle school and high school athletes, but also competes in Olympic Weightlifting and dances to Taylor Swift songs while wearing elf costumes – what’s not to like?

Today, we’ll cover a variety of topics on training, mindset, early specialization, and more!  Whether you are a parent, an athlete, or both – this one is for you.

Check it out.

PS You can find Spencer on Instagram/Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/SJRoloff

Breathing w/ Special Guest Lucy Hendricks


This week, we are so lucky to have the lovely Lucy Hendricks on the pod!  Lucy is a coach at Gym Laird Strength and Conditioning in Lexington, KY and an all around beast when it comes to helping people breathe more efficiently and effectively.  Why does this matter?  Because breathing is the base of everything else we do.  Listen and I bet you’ll be surprised how much this can help your health and fitness!

*Note:  We had some technical difficulties with my microphone during the first 10minutes so the conversation might sound choppy but I edited my parts out.

Lucy also answered questions from our facebook page!

Check it out.


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The One About Nutrition – The Human Animal Podcast


So we’ve finally come to it – the often alluded to “podcast about nutrition.”  The tricky thing about nutrition is that we don’t believe there is one diet that is perfect for everyone, all the time, wherever they are.  This leads to the favorite response when someone asks a question about nutrition:  “It depends…”  However, that answer can be infuriating – well then what the heck am I supposed to do?  Hopefully, this podcast can be a starting point for you.  In it, we discuss the three steps to individualizing your nutrition plan:

1)  Define your why.  Your mantra.

2)  Practice mindful eating.

3)  Individual Details

Finally, we hope we make clear why nutrition NEEDS to be complex and adaptive and how we can never forget that we are integrated beings.  There are so many threads weaving together when it comes to food.  We can’t look at just one we have to look at the entire tapestry.


-Matt, Jake & Nate