Product Review: Shamma Mountain Goat Sandals

Disclaimer:  I was sent a pair of these sandals to review by Shamma.  As with all my product reviews, I will only post a review after extensive use and if I actually recommend the product (which I do.)

I’m pretty particular about my footwear.  I’ve been searching for years for the right balance between footwear that lets my feet be feet (minimalist bordering on barefoot), as well as provides enough protection that I can train in unfamiliar urban and natural landscapes.  I’ve been lucky enough to try several different performance sandals (also called huaraches).  If you’ve never seen one before, they are often likened to a Roman soldier’s footwear.  They have straps that wrap around the heel as well as across the foot to provide a snug fit.

This is particularly important for a sandal to ensure a better gait mechanic.  If you wear a flip-flop, you need to clench your big toe in order to keep the sandal on the foot, rather than allowing it to extend and reflexively push off the ground to help generate forward momentum.  Huaraches take care of this problem. Continue reading

OS Play – August 23rd in Bloomington, IN


OS Play is coming to Bloomington, IN on August 23rd!

This is our second OS Play Course EVER!   This 4 hour course will be all about playing (obviously)! We will teach you games and concepts that you can implement into your own training or into programming for your clients, students, patients, or athletes.

We’re going to rediscover the superhero in each of us through play – you’ll learn why play is important, how play can fill in the gaps in your current fitness program (or even replace it), how to start your own ninja academy, and experience tons of games old and new to get you started.

For more details, feel free to contact me using the link in the top bar up above, or check out the event page:

Special Guests Lori Crock and Nick Lynch

Recently Jake, TJ and I had the chance to sit down and chat with Lori Crock and Nick Lynch, two all-star coaches and Russian Kettlebell Certification Team Instructors.  Lori is back for the second time on the podcast (her first visit being one of my favorites).  Our conversation ranged far and wide, covering:

  • Play and human development
  • The atrophy of movement patterns
  • The benefits of training with a Kettlebell

…and more!

If you like what you hear, please check our Lori and Nick’s websites below.  I’m also providing links to the certification they will be teaching this fall, as well as the articles on Play and the Wedge brought up during the conversation.


Why I Stopped Working Out Entirely – And What It Could Do For You!

I have another guest blog up at the Force Bloomington website.  It’s all about “Reframing Your Workouts” so that they have meaning specific for you.  This one was really fun to write and I think you’ll enjoy the inherent  in it.  Here’s an excerpt:

“Let me give you an example.  My personal WHY is to be able to play and provide for my family for as long as humanly possible.  My pursuit of fitness only matters in how much it empowers me to do these things that I care about and love.

So, for me, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to beat myself up to the point where I”m too sore to move, dance, or play.  It also doesn’t make sense for me to do things I don’t like doing, because I know plenty of things I DO enjoy, enough for me to spend a lifetime practicing and exploring.”

Continue reading here:

Special Guest Dr. Kwame Brown – The Neighborhood Neuroscientist

In this week’s episode of The Human Animal Podcast, I got the chance to chat with Dr. Kwame Brown, The Neighborhood Neuroscientist, Professor of Psychology, and play expert.  I am so thankful to Dr. Brown for sharing his insights into play, health, and community.  We can’t wait to get him back on the podcast soon!  Topics covered include:

  • THE Thing vs YOUR Thing
  • The many facets of Play
  • How we respond to previous play experiences
  • The problem with the Win/Lose Mentality
  • Community, Play, Leadership, Ubuntu  and more!

Though Play was at the center of our discussion, our discussion covered a broad perspective on movement, narrative, and community.  This talk got me fired up and I think it will inspire and challenge you as well!


Connect with Dr. Brown and find more of his work at the following links:

Continue the conversation.