We believe in the power of self-discovery through discussion.  Our goal with this podcast is to start a conversation, but not finish it.  Often, we discover something about ourselves through the people closest to us.  So enjoy – connect – reflect – and most of all, embrace the journey.

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 That's a long way down! Exploring this pine near my home during the #treeclimb30 challenge. Sturdy branches that reach up and envelop you. Just the other day I was walking with my dad and he told me how he used to love climbing pines. "Maybe they gave me a false sense of security, but I always loved how each layer had multiple branches. There was a tree that had split in two. I used to climb up one side, grab the other and go down that way." Fun sharing these memories with my dad, something I didn't even know about! #play  Got to play at this beauty over the weekend with my brother from another mother Nate. First time getting to move together in almost a year and it felt like magic. Treasuring these moments together and soaking it all in. I'll post a couple of follow up videos of our "plus one" runs that comprised a lot of our movement. Not shown: the talk, laughter, improvisation, missed reps, and overall connection this practice can bring. #stayplayful #connect #balance #grateful #bigpicture #smallmoments  Baby snugs. . #neverfilter #reallifeistoogood  One of my favorite things in the world is to go out on adventure walks with this kiddo. Grabbing some much needed father-son time after the arrival of our second kiddo. Rocking a new pair of Warrior Sandals courtesy of @shammasandals. Will post a review in the coming weeks on the blog! #letyourfeetbefeet #naturalmovement
 This small Bradford Pear was my first climb of the #treeclimb30 challenge! Might not look like much but lots of little puzzles to be had here, navigating around the base and up a couple of levels in the branches. When I first started tree climbing I dreamed of having big sprawling trees and ignored the simple ones immediately available to me. That mental barrier meant not a lot of tree climbing was happening. Now if I have 10 free minutes I'll tell my wife I'm headed to climb she knows exactly where I'm going. As a bonus, went barefoot and after all the great contact time my back (which had been right for about a week) felt 90% better. #naturetime #play  Introduced a brand new game called CHAOS BALL to the ninjas tonight and they crushed it! So fun! I'll try to get some video of the action to share with everyone. :) #ninjaacademy #playful #play #stayyoung  I can't tell you how restorative it is to find quiet moments in nature with loved ones. This awesome tree overlooks a creek right behind an elementary school. We sat and watched minnows swimming in the shallows. So simple, yet so important. What do you do to get some vitamin green? #Movnat #familyfocus #vitaminnature #quiettime  My heart loves outside of my body again  #secondtimejustasgood