We believe in the power of self-discovery through discussion.  Our goal with this podcast is to start a conversation, but not finish it.  Often, we discover something about ourselves through the people closest to us.  So enjoy – connect – reflect – and most of all, embrace the journey.

Get the latest thoughts on coaching, movement, play, and how it all connects from Matt.


 Got to play at this beauty over the weekend with my brother from another mother Nate. First time getting to move together in almost a year and it felt like magic. Treasuring these moments together and soaking it all in. I'll post a couple of follow up videos of our "plus one" runs that comprised a lot of our movement. Not shown: the talk, laughter, improvisation, missed reps, and overall connection this practice can bring. #stayplayful #connect #balance #grateful #bigpicture #smallmoments  Baby snugs. . #neverfilter #reallifeistoogood  One of my favorite things in the world is to go out on adventure walks with this kiddo. Grabbing some much needed father-son time after the arrival of our second kiddo. Rocking a new pair of Warrior Sandals courtesy of @shammasandals. Will post a review in the coming weeks on the blog! #letyourfeetbefeet #naturalmovement  Working on a new episode of The Human Animal Podcast! Should drop later today. #backonthegrind #conversationstarters #morethanfitness #tribe
 Introduced a brand new game called CHAOS BALL to the ninjas tonight and they crushed it! So fun! I'll try to get some video of the action to share with everyone. :) #ninjaacademy #playful #play #stayyoung  I can't tell you how restorative it is to find quiet moments in nature with loved ones. This awesome tree overlooks a creek right behind an elementary school. We sat and watched minnows swimming in the shallows. So simple, yet so important. What do you do to get some vitamin green? #Movnat #familyfocus #vitaminnature #quiettime  My heart loves outside of my body again  #secondtimejustasgood  Forever adventure. So thankful to explore the world through this kiddo's eyes.