Working Out On The Road – The Human Animal Podcast

This week, the crew talks about options for working out while on the road.  We’ll cover mindset, exercises, movement, and more!  Check it out.

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Endurance Athlete Primer – The Human Animal Podcast

This week, the team tackles smart training principles for recreational endurance athletes.  If you are someone who doesn’t get paid to run, but wants to compete in a 5k, half-marathon, marathon, Spartan race, etc., this one’s for you!  We’ll lay out the top 3 mistakes that most people make in their training, and how you can get better results in less time by using your head.

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Eating Healthy On The Road – The Human Animal Podcast

This week, we discuss nutrition on the road and how to make good, better, and best decisions while keeping a healthy perspective.


-Matt, Nate & Jake

Move, Naturally – The Human Animal Podcast

This week, the team discusses natural movement and the benefits it can have for your health.  It also might get a little rant-y at the end.  Apparently, we can’t help ourselves. :)


Matt, Nate & Jake

140 Character Philosopher

I recently hit 1,000 total tweets on my Twitter account, freefitguy. It spurred me to go back and look at how my thoughts have evolved over the past 3 years.  Some things my thoughts have shifted on, while others still struck a chord with me.  I hope that something in here will strike a similar chord with you and serve as some small inspiration for your day.

Screenshot 2014-03-07 17.27.46

Train at the edge of your ability regularly, but at the edge of your capacity rarely. #freefitguyacademy

One of the best program minimum systems out there – @Mark_Sisson‘s 3 rules: move frequently at a slow pace, lift heavy things, & sprint

Spending time in the proper progressions and teaching perception will yield stunning results in the long and short-term.

OVERcoaching is often the result of UNDERpreparing your athlete/client.

Change the movement environment, change the movement behavior.

Top 2 ways we can help prevent ACL injury in female athletes via ortho surgeon – Teach landing mechanics and help them get a “fanny” #TLAG2

You must change your perception to change your reality. While the first is difficult, the second is impossible without it.

New poster I want in my gym: “Fatigue is not the goal. Getting better is the goal.” #lessismore

Performance does not guarantee health. #TrainLikeAGirl2

@JoelJamieson knocked it out of the park with his presentation. “Stress is stress whether perceived or real.” #stressmanagement #TLAG2

Breathing sets the stage and foundation for everything else we do. Without breathing, strength, power, and endurance all suffer. #TLAG2

Best thing you can add in to your day? 10 deep breathes with full exhale before bed. #TLAG2 @RobTrainSystems

Breathing is the key to pelvic floor function. #TLAG2

Movement is not a solo act. It is meant to be communal. Move WITH your tribe and FOR your tribe. #bestrongtobeuseful

Live each day like you’ve come back to visit it a second time and enjoy all the moments.

Today’s inspiration: rotation. Try rotating your head, shoulders, hips and whole body in different ways today. #dancingcounts

Be relentlessly supportive of your loved ones.

Practice gratitude today. Let someone in your life know how thankful you are for them and why! Finish with: “Thank you (insert name).”

Resist the urge to compartmentalize. You are an integrated being. Live an integrated life.

@mvmntlectures @graycookPT “Pain is not the enemy, it is a signal of responsibility.” – Gray Cook #neverstoplearning #thankful

The modern environment is toxic in both food choices and movement choices. Don’t settle for limited choices. Demand change!

@NocturnalOutpos: Naps are the best snacks!” I agree!!

Does the environment you put yourself in make you adaptable, or susceptible? #movnat #thehumananimal

Life is stressful. Your response to it can determine if it is a eustress or a distress. Choose wisely.

Movement can be constructive or destructive. When was the last time your exercise left you feeling built up instead of torn down? #movnat

People are willing to do crazy things for their fitness. I believe crawling should be one of those “crazy” things. #originalstrength

#Handstand practice and #running go hand in hand. Both require you to conquer your fear of falling.

“If movement is life, then play is the spice if life.” -@freefitguy

You can’t assume that because an intervention works with a disease state that it’s preventative in a non-disease population. #backwardslogic

Agree or disagree: foam roll is to mobility what crunches are to core strength??

Simply stating your opinion, no matter how valid, means nothing if it isn’t received on the other end.

Instead, give them what they need – at the right time, in the right way. That is the true art of coaching, and how to change lives.

We often talk about giving clients what they need vs. want. However, if we just give them what they “want”, we are enablers, not leaders.

The isn’t much that can’t be solved by reclaiming an authentic crawling pattern. #movnat #originalstrength #babystrong

Three simple principles of human movement. 1-Move. 2-Move Well. 3-Move Often. #therestisjustdetails

The body follows the head, which follows your eyes, which rely on your reflexes. #originalstrength

We (trainers) need to be physical educators before we are fitness professionals.

Adaptation requires new stresses. Rather than trying to find the latest and greatest conditioning tool, why not perform the same movements everyday in the new and varied context that mother nature provides?

We should be careful to separate confidence from arrogance. Confidence comes from experience and is open to change. Arrogance, rarely either

Arrogance doesn’t make your opinions invalid, but it certainly makes them less palatable.

Don’t confuse difficult with impossible. You just need to find the right strategies.

Seriously, for the love of god, can we just start treating ourselves with some goddam kindness for a change? #getyourmindright

From Ido: ‘The Scapula craves complexity but the hips crave Intensity’ #move

If you say you like dark chocolate, but don’t know what “cacao content” is, you don’t like dark chocolate – you like sugar.

Just realized that my moment of “ignition” for coaching came from CrossFit. Whatever else may be said, I’m grateful. #ignition #passion

The surface area of your intestine is the same as a tennis court! #digestion not #ingestion #realfood

The central air is off, the door outside is open, and I keep ducking out to feel the sun and give my dog a hug. Pretty sweet way to work.

A more efficient body lends to a more efficient mind. #movement #creativity

Consistency is not the same thing as stagnation. Consistently seek improvement, and it will be yours.

#challenge. try getting up and down off the ground 10 different ways tomorrow. your hips will thank you #movement

Beauty in function.

I’m all for dynamic movement, but dynamic control and flinging yourself around are two different things.

Always focus on using the right amount of power for the task. Anything else is wasted. #MovNat

Fluidity, grace, efficiency. Strive for these in your daily life and your training. #MovNat

Avoid training ADD. Define your goals and stick to a program that gets you there until it stops working. Then adapt.

sets and reps? not a concern today. get out and move & enjoy it! #livefree

The most important part of any lift is the set up. Start in a good position. Finish in a good position. #backtothebasics

Technique, THEN intensity. #smarttraining

My least favorite saying ever: #FML. C’mon people, life is a beautiful thing! Stop being so negative and maybe things will start looking up.

when the sun comes out, so does my thirst for #adventure.

want to challenge yourself? try brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand. it’s a small reminder that we CAN break habits. #movnat


Looking Back At Train Like A Girl 2 – The Human Animal Podcast

This week, Jake and I review my experiences at Train Like A Girl 2.  We cover:

  • Stress
  • Mindset
  • Breathing
  • The difference between exercisers and athletes

…and so much more!

Also, you can find work by some of the presenters we mention at the following links.

  • Mike Robertson -
  • Eva T -
  • Joel Jamieson -
  • Molly Galbraith -


Figuring Out Exercise

Why do we exercise?  That might seem like a weird question coming from a Personal Trainer, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about seriously of late.  Not necessarily why you exercise (we covered how to determine your individual motivations for exercise in this post), but why we exercise.

Evolutionary Perspective

In our modern culture, exercise has become second nature.  However, when anthropologists visit modern hunter-gatherer societies, many don’t even have a word for “exercise”.  And that makes sense – why would you expend energy needlessly when your life requires constant and adaptive movement?  Do you think a hunter-gatherer would do a CrossFit WOD and risk being unable to walk the next day?  (Something that I often see celebrated in today’s exercise culture.  ”Gosh, I could hardly walk down the stairs for 4 days!  It was such a great workout.”) I don’t believe so.  Instead, they would focus on developing the skills necessary for their tribe to survive and thrive.  Whatever conditioning that created, as long as they were useful, would be acceptable.

Hadzabe Hunters practicing archery in Tanzania.

Hadzabe Hunters practicing archery in Tanzania.

This is the same attitude that I take towards fitness.  Focus on the full range of human movement skills.  It is by acquiring those practical skills that we gain (appropriate) conditioning.  In most programs, it is the other way around – i.e. if I can do 20 pull ups, I should be able to get on top a tree branch.   Only the conditioning often doesn’t transfer to the practical skill 1:1.

Maybe it is this loss of perspective on how exercise and conditioning transfers into useful skills that has created the segmentation of exercise over the past 100 years of physical culture.  The appearance of large muscles or skinny bodies has become more important than the abilities those body types are supposed to predict. Continue reading