Doing Pull-ups Anywhere

In order to workout anytime-anywhere, it’s important to be creative and look to use the environment around you to your advantage.

Anytime - Anywhere


One of the first things I look for when I’m in a new place is somewhere to do pull-ups.  Pull-ups are one of the best upper-body exercises we can do.  They build phenomenal strength and upper-body flexibility when done at full ROM (range of motion.)  Which is why there are one of the fundamental movements of the FreeFit program.

As shown above, I use the I-beam underneath the emergency exit stairs to my apartment building.  It took a while to build up the finger strength to be able to grip a flat piece of metal to do the pull-ups, but this is another one of the advantages of working out in this kind of environment:  the unpredictability.  You won’t always have a nice pull-up bar to do exercises on in real-life, so training on this I-beam provided a different wrinkle and produced some killer workouts from a more technical standpoint.  Remember, workouts can be demanding both from volume and from technicality. You don’t have to beat the pulp out of yourself to get a good workout in.

The Mindset

Getting in to that mindset where you look around at your environment as a gym can take some practice.  But once you get there, not only will you be able to workout in any situation —  the whole world becomes your playground.  And it’s awesome.


Your task this week, should you choose to accept it, is to keep an eye out for possible pull-up places around your house/work/etc.  Maybe it’s a low-hanging tree branch?  A swing-set at a local park?  Or a railing you can grip on-to safely?  I’ve tried a ton of different places – including a train-bridge (pictured below). Be resourceful and see what you can dig up!  Post a picture below of any that you find.  Extra bonus points for having someone take a picture of you doing a pull-up on it.

Cheers, and stay healthy.

Train tracks? This will be perfect.