More on Boxed Lunches

Bento – Japanese Boxed lunches

Yesterday I wrote 5 tips for staying healthy at work by packing your own lunch.  Personally, I like to keep lunches simple, and stick to foods that are tasty and keep well.  But that’s definitely not the only way to do it.  Every day in Japan, mom’s spend inordinate amounts of time making Bento (boxed lunches) for their kids to take to school.  Here’s a great video on how to make one.  WARNING:  this contains non-Paleo foods.  Watch with care. 😉

Environmentally Friendly Lunch Box

If you’re looking for a snazzier lunch box that is environmentally friendly and will last longer than Tupperware containers (and aren’t we all), check out Planet Box. These come highly recommended from Sarah over at Everyday Paleo, a mother of 3, Paleo blogger, and kicka– trainer.  Thoughts?

Pack-able “Health” Foods to Avoid

Finally, a note on some “health” foods that pack easy, but should be avoided. Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness just posted a great article about 7 “Healthy” Foods That Actually Suck.  If I taught a gym class, it would be required reading.  Seriously.

What health foods do you find suspect?  How do you pack your lunch?  Can dogs really cook?

Have a great weekend everybody, and as always, stay healthy.