Quick and Healthy: Nuts and Berries

It doesn’t get much easier than this for a tasty, healthy dessert. Just take some frozen berries (blueberries are out favorite) and add some nuts (walnuts, almonds, pecans, pistachios) and viola!

Cold, sweet, and delicious Paleo-treat!

One of my absolute FAVORITE foods is ice cream, and while I still occasionally make a Baskin Robbins run, believe it or not frozen berries are a great substitute! They are sweet, cold, and take a while to get through when frozen = perfect dessert.  Like giant, healthy dippin’ dots. My personal favorite add-on is walnuts (best omega 3-6 ratio among nuts), and maybe a piece or two of 85% dark chocolate.

Other possibilities:  a dash or orange juice over the berries for extra flavor, crumbled dark chocolate (70-85% variety), shredded coconut, or coconut milk (the kind that comes in a carton.)


What are your ideas for quick and simple Paleo-friendly treats?

Stay healthy everybody.