My First Cert.

I`ve just taken the next step towards becoming a personal trainer, and I couldn`t be more stoked about it. Yesterday, I signed up for my first certification course – the Crossfit Level 1 certification.  Not only that, but I`ll also be continuing my dream of travelling the world by taking the course at CrossFit SAP in Seoul, South Korea.

Over the course of a long weekend in May, I`ll be learning all about the foundations of CrossFit`s methodology, concepts, and movements. I`ll be doing workouts, learning how to instruct/improve movement, and how to program for CrossFit athletes.  By the end, I`ll have sufficient foundation to become a CrossFit trainer.  That`s pretty sweet.

Why I chose CrossFit?

As an aspiring personal trainer, I believe it is critical to be well-versed in a variety of disciplines in order to bring the best possible product to my clients.  Through my own experience with CrossFit-style training, I know first-hand the amazing results that can be had through the functional, high-intensity, and varied CrossFit program.  I also know that CrossFit isn`t for everyone. The workouts are intense: technically, physically, and mentally.  Smart, individualized programming is essential for people to get the most out of this type of training regimen.

My goal at this certification will be to learn as much as possible, and apply it to my larger goal of helping people of all backgrounds get healthy and fit. Scaling, programming, movement correction, and good coaching – these are all things that I can learn from the CrossFit cert.  Plus, this will be my first chance to make connections with others in the fitness community at large.  And I can hardly wait.

The First Step

This, however, is only the first step. Next month, I`ll also be signing up for the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) personal trainer cert course.  With these two certifications securely under my belt, I`ll start looking for possible jobs in the Bloomington area this summer.

For me, finding work will be the most stressful part of my journey. I`ve always known what my next job would be, and have never been officially `unemployed`.  It`s a scary feeling.  Whether it was school, summer work, or the JET program, my path was laid out in front of me.  But now that I have discovered my passion, I refuse to let fear of the unknown slow me down.  As Chris Kamb over at Nerd Fitness, says, Sometimes, you just need to do stuff that scares the s@#% out of you.  The best thing I can do now (while still in Japan) is to learn as much as possible, and make myself into an attractive asset for any gym (commercial, CrossFit, or otherwise) or individual.

If there`s one thing I`m sure of, it`s that I won`t quit. I want to help people get fit and healthy, and enrich their lives.  One way or another, I know that there is someway for me to do that.  Hey, maybe I`m even helping some people out with this blog?  To take a note out of Robb Wolf`s humor, `6 readers can`t be wrong.`


What is something that you`ve always wanted to do but put off until `better` times?  If it were up to you, would you do that thing right now?  What`s stopping you?

-Stay healthy everybody.

3 thoughts on “My First Cert.

  1. Ryan M Hall


    Congratulations! I am looking to get certified through ISSA for Nutriton and Ace or NASC for Training.

    What made you choose NASM? (just curious)

    I also started working with some really cool programs by becoming an Independent Team BeachBody Coach and adding that to my Weight Loss Coaching. I’m having a blast doing it.

    I’ve got a friend that absolutely loves Crossfit and is a Crossfit trainer. He swears by it and it’s obvious it works.

    Feel free to connect with me on Facebook and we can chat fitness.
    Ryan M Hall

    1. Matt Post author

      Hey Ryan!

      I chose NASM because it was recommended by a couple of my fitness (including Robb Wolf of The Paleo Solution) and several books that I’ve read on getting started with Personal Training. Also, a couple of threads that I’ve read have recommended NASM, but in reality I don’t think there is much difference between the 3. The things I would look out for are:
      1) opportunities for continuing education. You want your program to provide avenues to get more specialty certs, etc. because creating a niche for yourself will be important for longevity in the field.
      2) liability insurance through your certification company. This is clutch, especially if you plan to work independently.
      3) What kind of certifications are accepted in gyms where YOU want to work. If they say they prefer ACE over NASM, I would go with that.

      If those 3 things are in line, I believe that ACE, NASM, NASC, etc. are all fine.

      Also, I got a chance to look at a demo of the NASM handbook and liked what I saw.

      What made you choose ACE or NASC? (just curious as well) And what is the Independent Team BeachBody Coach all about?

      I’ll look for you on facebook.


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