Outdoor Exercise – Fighting the Zombie in You

Have you ever felt exhausted/unmotivated the minute you step out of a bright, sunny day into the sterile interior of your local gym? Do you feel the zombie in you creeping out as you try to get through round after round of machine weights and elliptical runs?  Alternatively, when the sun is out, do you just feel pumped for life?  Well, as it turns out, there’s good reason for that.

Outdoor exercise, the kind that can be done anywhere/anytime (with some weather considerations) is actually better for you than working out indoors. How, you might ask?  In a recent study conducted by a team at the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, those people who trained outside as compared to indoors showed:

  • greater revitalization
  • increased energy
  • more positive engagement with others
  • less depression, anger, confusion, and tension

Slap on a smile and get your fundamental movement on!

Now, does this mean that working outdoors will give you huge muscles or a rippling six-pack? No.  But as many of us know, feeling good about yourself is about more than just body composition. We workout not only to look good, but feel good.  To feel alive.  To have the energy and the know-how to tackle everyday tasks and still have gas leftover in the tank to have FUN.  It’s this kind of freeing health that FreeFit is all about.

So as spring rolls around the corner, and the days get warmer and sunnier, why not take your training to the local park? Do some sprints and pull-up repeats using the monkey bars, run up the slide, soak up the sun and fresh air, and enjoy yourself.  This might just be the boost you need to shake off the cobwebs after the long, cold winter.

* Not ready for full pull-ups yet? Try some of these scaled movements to get you going.


How often do you workout outside?  What benefits do you find to indoor/outdoor exercise?

-Stay healthy everybody.