Personal Trainer and Site Updates

Hi everybody!  Today, I want to share with you all some exciting updates about my personal training journey.  Two weeks ago, I wrote about signing up for my first certification – CrossFit Lvl. 1. Next week, I’ll be able to check another goal off of my list – training my first client.

Seizing the Moment

for all the people who are feeling that there on top of the world

Why wait? Time to take the plunge.

Although I am still working on my certification, I realized that simply waiting for things to fall in place before I started gaining hands-on experience would waste valuable time. I will be living here in Japan for the next 5 months, and I can’t change that.  But there is no reason why I can’t start making a difference now.

So last week, I sent out the call to other English teachers in the area, offering some free one-on-one sessions as well as a weekend boot camp course.  I informed them that I was working towards my certification and looking for some hands-on experience training clients.  Even though there are only about 100 teachers in the area, I had 10 people contact me with interest, and another ask me about programming the warm-up for his weekly self-defense class.  (If only I could get a 10% response from the Bloomington area this fall, I’d be set!)

So for the next 5 months, instead of reading about personal training, I’ll be spending about 5 hours a week programming and running a variety of sessions:  one-on-one, group fitness, and sport specific.  This experience will be INVALUABLE to me as I move forward and start looking for jobs in the fall.  I could have easily sat back and waited until I had been certified to start looking for clients, but honestly, that kind of attitude would get me nowhere.  The hardest part of breaking into this industry is finding your first job, because the thing that most people are looking for in a trainer is prior, successful experience.  It’s the same reason why I felt so confident going into Teaching English in Japan – I had all the prior experience necessary to make me an excellent candidate for the job.

When you’re the new kid of the block, it’s a lot more difficult to convince people that you CAN help them — and potential clients have a right to ask questions.  They are putting their health into your hands, and paying a good amount of money for your services.  My goal is to be the best trainer possible when I go back to the states, and I feel like I’m on my way.

I used to feel limited by the fact that I was in Japan, not America where I could already be taking the certification test — but now I see myself as lucky. I have a steady job that allows me to train others without compensation — right now, I’m not depending on that money for my livelihood.  I have a schedule that I can easily work around, and people that are excited for the opportunity to work with me.  What could be better for an aspiring personal trainer?

A Note on Posting

I love writing for this site. However, as I take on my first clients and work towards achieving my certifications, I’ve realized that continuing to post 5-7 times a week simply isn’t viable.  I wish this was my full-time job, but alas, it isn’t.  So starting next week, I’ll be switching over to a 2-times-a-week schedule.  On Mondays, I’ll try to post a longer article about current health and fitness issues (like my recent articles about barefoot running/long-distance running and functional fitness), and on Thursdays I’ll be adding to the site’s resources, such as how-to videos, recipes, workouts, and tips and tricks for making positive gains every day.  Thanks for your continued support as I move into the next phase of my journey.


What are your goals?  Even if their fruition seems distant, what steps can you take NOW that will help you tomorrow?

Stay healthy everybody.