Results to the 2011 Paleo Community Survey Posted!

Here’s the link to the information.  You can navigate through the 4 sub-sections of results using the links at the top.

10 points of interest that I took away from the survey:

  1. Gender Balanced:  51.94% Male / 48.06% Female
  2. Trend towards Higher-Education:  71.13% of Paleo-eaters hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher.
  3. Recently Adopted: The majority of Paleo-eaters started this lifestyle within the last 2 years.  (68.53%)
  4. Other interests: There is a high interest among the Paleo community in buying local (localvore) and pastured livestock.  (#grassfedmeat, #seasonalveggies)
  5. Mainstream?: Over half of Paleo eaters don’t think this lifestyle will become mainstream. (#whynot?)
  6. Cooking time:  The vast majority of people spend between 1-2 hours cooking a day.  This seems reasonable to me.
  7. Family Adherence:  Only 20% of families also follow a Paleo lifestyle.  This follows the trend that the hardest people to convince is your family.  (#psychology101)
  8. Social Drinking:  Wine is the alcoholic drink of choice.  (#delicious)
  9. Health:  87% of people report an improvement in their overall health.  (#FTW)
  10. Energy:  80% of people report improved energy levels.


What did you take away from the survey?  Are you interested in starting a Paleo lifestyle?  If so, what (if any) reservations do you have?