Anytime, Anywhere – Osaka Airport Workout

Anytime.  Anywhere. It’s a mantra we live by here at freefitguy, the idea that you can find ways to be healthy and active regardless of where you are or how much time you have available.  It doesn’t take expensive home gym equipment or a trip to the gym to get a good workout in – look at what you have available and do the best you can.  I like to call it playvision – learn to see the world around you as your playground.

Playvision - Not to be confused with Seinfeld Vision from 30 Rock.

If you do this, you’ll find that there are more opportunities to have fun with your fitness than you ever realized. Don’t be afraid to make a difference in your health.  As Doctor Who would say, BE EXTRAORDINARY! (Watched waaay too much of this show the past week.  But what can I say?  It’s amazing.)

If you're not watching Doctor Who yet, you should. It's quirky, creepy, awesome fun!

For example, this week at the airport I decided to get in a little workout prior to my flight.  I managed to film it and here is what it looked like (an old circus video?)  Hope you enjoy my limited video editing skills!

(Sorry, I couldn’t get it to embed.)


What is the craziest place you have worked out in? Did you get funny looks from people?  Does it even matter?  [Cheat Sheet:  No, because you’re making a difference in your own health and taking positive action to make things BETTER.  Who cares if other people think what you’re doing looks strange? :)]

-Stay healthy everybody.