UPDATE: No soap, no shampoo experiment

After several more months of my no soap, no shampoo regimen, I started having dandruff issues.  Not horrible, but there all the same.  It started with the hot summer weather.  Eventually I decided to try a natural alternative to shampoo recommended by Nature Mom‘s:  baking soda and lemon juice.

So far (2 months +) my experience has been great.   I wash my hair twice a week by taking about 2 Tbs of baking soda, adding a splash of water, and scrubbing the resulting paste into my roots.  After you rinse it out, your hair will feel, for lack of a better term, “waxy”.  This is where the lemon juice comes in.  I take a table spoon or two, pour it into a small cup, and fill the rest with water.  Pour the lemon juice over your head and scrub one more time, and then rinse thoroughly.  No more dandruff problems, and I smell great after a shower.  Plus you still avoid all those nasty chemicals that can be found in shampoo.  Check out the Nature Mom’s post for other natural solutions to combat frizzy hair, greasy hair, and itchy scalp.

Still no body soap necessary.  Just a bath towel to scrub with.

Note:  I’ve updated the original post to contain this info as well.  🙂

-So fresh and so clean.