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I’m proud to report that this past August in Boston, I attended and passed the 4-day MovNat certification course to earn the credential as a MovNat Certified Trainer!

The trainer course consisted of two-days of technique development, one-day of coaching, and one-day of testing.  The tests included 13 skill movements, a written exam, and a practical coaching exam.  There was a ton of good discussion among the coaches-to-be, great leadership by our Trainers Kellen and Brian, and loads of fun!

I’m the monkey in the upper left 🙂

Ever since I started writing on this blog, I have been fascinated by the concepts that drive the MovNat philosophy.  The focus on natural human movement, reconnecting with skills that are universal to humans, and getting fit while having fun are what initially captured my imagination.  Now that I’m a full-time strength and conditioning coach, I’ve come to appreciate MovNat’s foundations even more.

For example, the practical bent of MovNat programming.  Practical means that we are preparing for life outside of the gym directly by training skills and aptitudes rather than just exercising to exercise.  What do you want to be able to do?  What are the steps to get you there?  This discussion aids in the process of goal-setting for my clients and also draws a connection for them between what they do in the gym and how they can utilize our movement concepts every day.

Adaptive is another.  We won’t always be in a controlled environment like the gym.  While it is VERY important to learn and train in a controlled environment to start with, the evolution of your training should include a nod to the adaptive nature of movement.  How would you pick up the end of a couch differently from a barbell?  How does your posture change from a Kettlebell Farmer’s Walk to carrying your child?  How does our gait change when it’s wet and slippery outside?  By adapting to our environment, we not only increase our safety, we once again connect the dots between the gym and everyday life.

Finally, there’s mindfulness.  While not officially one of the 10 MovNat principles, in my mind it is a cornerstone of its practice.  In MovNat, mindfulness covers both internal and external awareness.  Internally, it’s important to be aware of how our body is responding on any given day.  This will not only make you a better mover (ninja alert!), it will give you an appreciation for everything your body does while you were too busy to notice!  In my experience, it will also help you improve your posture, reduce stress and anxiety, and generally be a happier person.  External mindfulness, on the other hand, ties back into the adaptive principle.  When we become aware of our environment and the demands it places on us, whether that be stress from work or a puddle on the sidewalk, we are able to respond accordingly and continue on.

To learn more about the 10 MovNat Principles, check out Erwan’s series on them here.

Thank you to my fellow MovNat trainers who helped me learn so much over the weekend, to my team at Force Fitness for their constant support, and to my wife who has always been the first to say “Do it.”

P.S.  I’ve been working on shooting videos covering some of the ways you can implement MovNat in your training.  Look (finally) for more content to be up on the site soon!  I’ll also discuss some coaching strategies I’ve picked up on over the past year.

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