Movement Prep: Part 1

One of my favorite ways to warm up is doing over/under drills with a PVC pipe and a partner.  In MovNat, we learn to focus on our center of gravity and be mindful of our environment.  Warming up by having to adjust to an applied context (the PVC pipe and your partner’s whim) primes our nervous system and also allows us the chance to judge our body’s ready state (i.e. how ready we feel to workout that day).

Another great thing about this warm up is it’s easily scalable, both within the warm up itself and per the individual.  We usually start off with simple stepping over and ducking under.  Once our hips are feeling loose we progress to jumping and crawling.  Finally, we’ll add in some climbing and rolling.  This provides a nice build up to the workout.  If you are just starting with MovNat, you can stick with stepping over and ducking under.  Only add in variety and difficulty as you feel comfortable.

By creating a little bit of context for our partner and allowing them to adapt, we can challenge them to do something very practical: getting over, under, or around an object in our path.

Below you can find some photos of some more “advanced” over/under drills that my training partner Nate and I have come up with.  I hope you like them!

Stay healthy.