Sneak Peek – Mobility Manual

Hey all!

I wanted to let you guys be the first to see a new project I’ve been working on, the “Mobility Manual”.  The goal of this project is to create a guide on how to restore pain-free movement, something I am very passionate about.  It combines my knowledge and experience from Kelly Starrett’s Movement and Mobility Workshop, Functional Movement Screen, and MovNat, as well as years of research.

Human beings are complex movers.  Our brains can adapt to navigate many different environments in order to survive.  We often look to animals and marvel at their movement capability, but we have one of the broadest ranges of ability out of anyone in the animal kingdom!  So what went wrong?  Why do over 600 million people suffer from low back pain worldwide?  Why do we spend almost 20% of our lives with musculoskeletal disorders?

My contention:  our mal-adaptation to the modern lifestyle has resulted in a lack of need for variety of movement, as well as a resting state that is pain.

The resting state of the body is pain-free.

So, if we had simple tools to restore function and eliminate PREVENTABLE musculoskeletal pain, and then ALSO had tools to add more movement into our everyday lives – the ability to explore, run, play, and learn – what might happen?

I think we would see an explosion of health.  I think we would restore functionality to our bodies and lives.  I think we would have permission to play, and not be scared off by injury.

The “Mobility Manual” will include information on how to address your pain and dysfunction systematically, as well as some awesome active mobility “flows” that will show you how to easily add movement back in to your daily routine.


Band 90-90 Squat Mobility

Kneeling to Tall Kneeling Flow

Enjoy, and keep moving!