Review: Earth Runner’s Sandals

Link to Kickstarter Campaign:


  • Vibram sole, great minimal feel and tread.  Passed the “taco test” for flexibility.  Had no trouble slipping with these, even in wet grass.
  • Nylon laces were much more comfortable for long-duration wear than were the elasticized leather straps on my Luna Sandals.  However, at high-intensity speeds, they didn’t feel as secure.
  • Effects of “grounding” or “earthing” are intriguing research, though it’s hard for me to say whether or not it made an impact on me or not.  However, it definitely doesn’t hurt.
  • Overall, I think the Earth Runner’s are a great option for a minimalist, outdoor training sandal for anyone interested in being able to play at a moments notice!

Again, to support their efforts at creating an outdoor active sandal, check out their kickstarter campaign at Earth Runners Kickstart.  With a reasonable donation (starting at $45), you’ll also receive a pair for yourself!

UPDATE:  You can also find these at their official webiste,  Very cool site so check it out!

Until next time!