Health, Fitness and Training in the Modern Age


I am SUPER excited to announce another project that I have in the works.  My good friend and co-worker Jake Geary and I are teaming up to do a podcast called “The Human Animal”.  On it, we’ll discuss topics relating to health and fitness and how to train our bodies in the modern age.

Our goal is to have a ton of fun, spread the good word, and clear the air around a lot of health/fitness myths that pervade our industry.  Ultimately, this show should add to your tool set in order to become healthy and fit.

We put the word out and received a TON of questions from members at our gym (Force Fitness and Performance) and would like to extend that same option to you.  So, if you have a question, simply use the CONTACT form at the top of the screen, fill it out, and make sure to include “Podcast” somewhere in the title.

In this episode we cover our backgrounds, reasons for doing the podcast, and how we would train for the zombie apocalypse.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the show!

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