The Zombie Apocalypse Is Here!

The first time someone sees a MovNat practice session (jumping, climbing, crawling, etc.), they’ll often joke that it looks like I’m training for the Zombie Apocalypse.  I’m all for this comparison, because it starts a conversation.  I explain the real world application of these skills, and how it’s not only fun but keeps me strong and healthy.  They usually nod their head in agreement, but I can tell they feel like it’s so far removed from what they’d ever have to do that it’s almost fantastical.  Sure, it’s great and all to train for the oncoming Zombie hoards, but how can that help me NOW?

Walking out of Kroger the other day, an epiphany smacked into my brain space – the Zombie Apocalypse is already here!  But before you grab your crossbows and head underground with a drum full of coconut oil and as many Primal Pacs as you can muster, let me explain.

In the classic zombie tale, we fear the end of the world coming through some sort of transmittable disease that renders us mindless; decaying bodies barely holding together as we limp around the countryside in search of our next meal.  Isn’t this remarkably similar to what’s happening right now?

Mindless and Hungry

As a whole, we’ve lost our ability to tune into how our minds and bodies interact.  We have this image of our brains sloshing around in giant meat buckets (AKA body), without realizing that there is in fact no separation between the two.  The better your body works, the better your mind works, and vice versa.  We like to categorize and systemize everything, when in fact we are integrated creatures.  For example, 70% of the immune system is located in the gut.  Leaky gut can present itself as everything from “foggy brain”, to skin blemishes, to IBS – and only one of those symptoms was located anywhere near the point of origin.

There’s also a disconnect in our understanding of the difference between “hunger” and “cravings.”  Your body might be sending those hunger signals because you are lacking key nutrients or are under eating, or maybe it’s because you’ve become sugar dependent and cannot easily access fat stores for energy.  Can you tell which?  Do you feel like you’re crashing if you don’t get fresh brains…err, food, every couple of hours?  Are you hungry, or are you HUNGRY?

Skin Care for the Undead

How many people do you see with bags under their eyes from lack of sleep?  Or how about deathly pale skin from complete lack of sunlight exposure (or that SPF 4000).  It is estimated that up to 95% of Americans get less than 8 hours of sleep per night, and almost 42% are Vitamin D deficient.  Holy cow!  No wonder we look more and more like the walking dead.

Unlike 50 Cent, I Walk With a Limp

Low back pain, plantar fasciitis, ACL tears, or even joint replacement surgery – chances are, you’ve either experienced one of these conditions or know someone who has.  The estimated cost of low back pain in the US alone exceeds $100 billion per year.  What the WHAT???


I feel ya bro.

The Rise of Autoimmunity

Did someone say organ meats?

The National Institute of Health (NIH) estimates that 23.5 million Americans suffer from an autoimmune disease, and those statistics are rising.  From their website:  “Symptoms cross many specialties and can affect all body organs.”  Perhaps the scariest thing about autoimmunity is that it doesn’t easily fit into any one category and that the disease process is complicated – how do you fight your own body?  If you’re already dealing with one of these conditions, I doubt zombies would even phase you.  You are already tough as nails.

Next week, I’ll cover ten ways you can prepare yourself to survive the current zombie epidemic.  Until then, it’s best to avoid heavily populated areas.  🙂