Surviving the (Current) Zombie Apocalypse

In the previous post of this series, I revealed why we are already in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.  Enough of the madness!  It’s time to arm yourself with strategies to survive and thrive in the modern world.

1.  Avoid Mindless Eating

This is a great tool I got from my good friend and fellow coach Nate Miller.  Before each meal, try practicing this mindfulness routine –

  • Why am I eating?
  • Is it making me healthy, or is it making me sick?
  • Is it worth it?

OWN your decisions, and begin to understand your motivations for those decisions.  Brain de-zombified!

2.  Remove Environmental Toxins

We need to think about our food as a part of our environment.  Our environment modifies our genes, our phenotype, and can exacerbate autoimmune and other inflammatory conditions.  Your mission – eliminate grains, legumes, sugar, dairy, and alcohol for 4 weeks.  Add them back and see how you look, feel, and perform.  Health de-zombified!

3.  Reset Your Biorhythms

…and for goodness sake get some sleep!  Take a 10 minute walk outside in the morning, afternoon, and evening, making sure to leave some skin uncovered for sun exposure.  This will reset your natural circadian rhythm and make it much easier to sleep at an appropriate hour!  As they say, one hour before 11 is worth two after.  Sleep de-zombified!

4.  Introduce Healthy Bacteria

Try giving your dog a kiss!  Many of us have heard about the health benefits of probiotics, but did you know that studies show kids that grow up with dogs have improved immune function?  Pucker up buttercup!  Face de-zombified!

5.  Reconnect With Nature

Go camping.  Get away from the noise and lights of the city.  Research coming out of Japan is showing the benefits of time spent in nature:  improved blood pressure, stress levels, and hormonal profile.  Even if you don’t like camping, do it anyway!  Being acquainted with some discomfort builds up resiliency and anti-fragility – the same reason why working out is beneficial in appropriate doses.  So go reconnect with your wild side and clear your head-space.  You’ll thank me later.  Soul de-zombified!

6.  Become a Part of Your Food Chain

We are the first species to be so far removed from our daily food.  Most of us don’t hunt, gather, or farm – we just have to navigate the isles at Whole Foods (though that is admittedly a skill in itself).  Why not start a garden or volunteer at a community garden to re-insert yourself back into the food chain?  C’mon, all the other animals are doing it.  Green thumb de-zombified!

7.  Learn How to Shut It Down

Perhaps the most difficult task of all is learning how to shut it down.  In the modern age, it is quite simple to overload yourself with stimuli and information.  Do you feel weird if there isn’t a song on, or if you aren’t working on some pre-determined task list?  That might be a problem.  Try turning off your sense of “needs to be done” and live in the moment.  I can’t even describe how refreshing this is.  Relaxation de-zombified!

8.  Reset Your Body

Got achy joints or frequently get injured?  Does your posture look like this guy’s?  Try spending a couple of minutes a day on these simple movements.  They will help you regain your mobility and improve your posture.  Try to get something in every hour and you’ll be doing great!  Mobility de-zombified!

9.  Stay Close to Loved Ones.

Big Hug!

Big Hug!

Does everyone in your house seem to live in separate rooms?  Are you all too busy looking at your iPhones for the latest tweets to talk to each other?  Time and again we have seen in research that people with strong family and community ties live the longest and are the most functional as they age.  So go make some friends people!  Heart de-zombified!

10. Spiral Out!

Spiral Out

I got this one from Dan John.  Ask yourself this:  are you seeking ways to enrich your life, to expand your horizons, to SPIRAL OUT in all directions?  If not, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  Warrior spirit de-zombified!