Edge of Ability w/ Lori Crock


This week’s episodes features one of our favorite people, Lori Crock of MovNat Ohio.  Lori is an excellent coach and amazing human animal.  In our interview, we cover

  • Her journey into the field of fitness
  • Fitness freedom and what that means for her and her clients
  • Role models in the fitness industry
  • Coaching wisdom and finding a good coach
  • Working on the edge of your ability

…and more!

I can tell you now, Nate, Jake and I left this interview beaming from ear to ear.  This is the one episode I wouldn’t want you to miss because there’s so much of Lori’s wisdom that shines through.

You can find more of Lori’s work at movnatohio.com, or follow her on twitter at https://twitter.com/MovNatOhio.

P.S.  We are currently in the process of updating our equipment for better sound quality.  Today, Nate and Jake might sound a little drowned out, but that should be better by next week when the new mixer and microphones arrive!

The Human Animal Team