Movement Snacks, Series 1

Movement Snacks are simple movements you can perform most anywhere – they are not intended to be a “workout”, but rather to be playful, exploratory, and challenging.  They are a great way to break up the monotony of your movement environment and realize your potential as a human mover to be free!  

I’ve gained a lot of insight through Ido Portal’s Isolation, Integration, Improvisation principle.  First, start with isolating the different parts of a movement to learn them quickly.  Then, integrate those movements together to create a sequence.  Finally, allow for artistic expression and improvise as you feel more and more confident with your movement capability!  This is the true art of movement.

Note:  Not all of these will be appropriate for every person.  Use your best judgement when performing them.  And please, feel free to improvise off of these movements or create your own!

Roll to Hand Balance

Floor Sliders

[excuse the PJs in this one]

The Washing Machine

Hip Openers

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