MOVE: Organic Recovery

I wanted to share with you all another movement sequence I put together a couple of weeks ago as a “recovery” day.

When I think about putting a sequence together, one of the first things I consider is my level of fatigue for the day.  Unlike what many other fitness pro’s will tell you, I believe you MUST adjust for said fatigue – not just power through.

One common recovery protocol is to eliminate 50% of the volume of work.  This can be especially effective for athletes on a specific training program.  However, most people are in the general population category and don’t need to be concerned about sticking to the T of their program all the time.  They don’t have an event they are trying to peak for and they aren’t getting paid to perform in a sport.

If able, I prefer to shift my focus to something that feels natural for my body that day.  This is a skill that took me a long time to develop, and one that I am still developing.  It requires a lot of mindfulness and a willingness to change plans mid-stride if something isn’t working.

I try not to workout with loud music or other distractions other than my own thoughts and the environment around me.  Simply taking some time to move skillfully and mindfully goes a LONG way towards keeping you healthy and moving towards your goals.

Live to fight another day.