Cultivating Mobility

episode 34 cultivating mobility

This week we answer a question from listener Judi and go into detail about the hot topics of mobility, flexibility, stretching, and more!  These topics aren’t simple, but the solution is.  Listen to find out what I mean.

“Hey Matt,  It’s getting close to baby day – so excited for you! But I have a question…while watching your flow video I was extremely jealous. I was really wishing that I could do what you were doing. So I am old  and am trying to maintain my strength and flexibility. I don’t do alot (any) of stretching and am trying hard to follow your warm up advice – I do more before MRT than any other time. I will work on my hamstrings when my back hurts. I have very little cartilage left in my knees and limits to my range of motion. What I’m wondering is, can the flexibilty be improved? Not sure about the range of motion, but I would love to be sit on my feet or squat down without pain or taking an hour to get there. Thanks – keep up the good work.  ~Judi”

-Matt, Nate & Jake

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