The Neighborhood Neuroscientist – Dr. Kwame Brown

Episode 53: The Neighborhood Neuroscientist Dr Kwame Brown

In this week’s episode of The Human Animal Podcast, I got the chance to chat with Dr. Kwame Brown, The Neighborhood Neuroscientist, Professor of Psychology, and play expert.  I am so thankful to Dr. Brown for sharing his insights into play, health, and community.  We can’t wait to get him back on the podcast soon!  Topics covered include:

  • THE Thing vs YOUR Thing
  • The many facets of Play
  • How we respond to previous play experiences
  • The problem with the Win/Lose Mentality
  • Community, Play, Leadership, Ubuntu  and more!

Though Play was at the center of our discussion, our discussion covered a broad perspective on movement, narrative, and community.  This talk got me fired up and I think it will inspire and challenge you as well!


Connect with Dr. Brown and find more of his work at the following links:

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