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Liminal Movement w/ Chandler Stevens

Chandler Stevens is a movement coach, writer/philosopher, and coacher of coaches. On the pod today, we talk about the 3 pillars of mobility, and how you can unlock yours, coaching without dictating, why coaches need coaches, and much more!

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Be especially sure to check out #reclaimthefloor.  It’s simple, it’s effective, it’s great.

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In this episode of The Human Animal Podcast, Jake (@themindfulsavage) and I sit down to discuss the central concept around how we coach people: triggers.  I.E.  That environment is a huge factor in shaping our behavior.

Specifically, I ask Jake about how he uses this concept in his Success Sessions, his initial meetings with clients, in order to have an immediate impact.  I’ve gotten to watch him work with people for the last five years, and I can say it still amazes me how people walk out of these initial meetings 1) totally bought in to our program, and 2) say that it almost felt like a therapy session.  That no one had taken the time to listen to them like that in a long time.

And it’s not just new clients who this has a huge impact on: Jake regularly meets with some of the people who have been in our gym the LONGEST, and is able to reinvigorate and direct them in a positive direction.

Whether you want to better understand your own behavior, or impact the lives of others in a positive way, this episode will lay down the critical foundation.

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The Benefits of Play for Adults and How to Get Started

Here’s a quick video I shot for the team at Primal Influence for their 30 Days of Adult Play Global Online Event!  The goal was to get more adults playing and sharing with the group all the different ways they played.  I was asked by Clint and Aimee to be a Play Advocate for the event, sharing what play means to me, the benefits of play for adults, and tips to get started. Check it out!  And if you want to learn EVEN MORE about play, my e-book has just released at

Key Spinal Mobility Drills

Every month at Force Fitness and Performance, I pick out a “challenge” movement for our personal training crew. We all come together at the 1/2 hour mark through a session and work on something together to build movement literacy. I find this is a fantastic touch point to build community and share concepts ideas in the Semi-Private Personal Training format.

This month, we’re looking at Spinal Mobility. Your spine craves mobility – you are as old as your spine! Something that’s often overlooked in today’s training world is the ability to segment and move the spine in lots of different ways. As we continue to embrace a MOVEMENT CULTURE rather than a FITNESS culture, unlocking your spine is a key component and one way to break outside of the box ;).

How to Fix Scapular Winging PART 2! – Following Up with Tessa

Tessa and I received a TON of questions about our Scapular Winging video – how was she doing? How long did it take to “fix” her winging? Etc.  So, we shot a quick update video that explains my take on WHY scapular winging happens, what it will take to make a fix “stick”, and take a look at 3 more exercises you can add to your quiver when programming around scapular winging.  Enjoy!