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Nutrition and Play Redux

Episode 48: Nutrition and Play Redux

This week, Matt, Nate and Jake sit down to talk about the upcoming Challenge at their gym, and how their views of “good nutrition” and “good coaching” have evolved over the past year.  They also spend some time talking about the evolution of play within fitness (a topic we will be discussing in more detail in the coming months.)  There are some really critical concepts in here for coaches and athletes alike.  We hope you enjoy the discussion!


The Human Animal Team

The One About Nutrition

Episode 45 the one about nutrition


So we’ve finally come to it – the often alluded to “podcast about nutrition.”  The tricky thing about nutrition is that we don’t believe there is one diet that is perfect for everyone, all the time, wherever they are.  This leads to the favorite response when someone asks a question about nutrition:  “It depends…”  However, that answer can be infuriating – well then what the heck am I supposed to do?  Hopefully, this podcast can be a starting point for you.  In it, we discuss the three steps to individualizing your nutrition plan:

1)  Define your why.  Your mantra.

2)  Practice mindful eating.

3)  Individual Details

Finally, we hope we make clear why nutrition NEEDS to be complex and adaptive and how we can never forget that we are integrated beings.  There are so many threads weaving together when it comes to food.  We can’t look at just one we have to look at the entire tapestry.


-Matt, Jake & Nate

Mindful Eating Redux

episode 42 mindful eating redux


On this week’s episode, Nate and I sit down to talk about Mindful Eating and how our thinking has evolved over the last year of practice and coaching.  We introduce our revised 3 rules of mindful eating, talk about the first two steps to any successful nutrition plan, and discuss if happiness is really the root of what we are searching for.

We both feel we have grown and learned so much from our experiences on the podcast.  We openly invite you to join us in our journey as we continue to evolve in our message and our thinking.  Thank you for being a part of it all!

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Let’s Talk About Priorities

episode 41 lets talk about priorities

This week on The Human Animal Podcast, the whole crew is back together again!  We started off talking about a situation a friend of mine is in and how her coaches are/aren’t helping her.  Then we got in to our “order of priority for health” and things took an interesting turn.  You’ll see what I mean :).

Bon appetit!

-The Human Animal Crew

P.S. Make sure you tune in for the last 10 minutes especially!  I think we really touched on something important there.



Let Go

It’s time to let go.

To let go of who you think you should be and embrace who you are right at this very moment.

To let go of the pursuit of a perfect body and instead embrace the journey of understanding your body and nurturing it.

To let go of the idea that exhaustion equals progress and embrace rest.

To let go of the scale and embrace the WHOLE you.

To let go of the quick result and embrace the process.

To let go of your judgements about food and embrace mindful eating.

To let go of the fitness culture and embrace a movement culture.

To let go of your screens and embrace the faces of those around you.

To let go of your limitations and embrace your possibilities.

To let go of workouts and embrace play outs.

To let go of perfection and embrace progress.

To let go of grudges and embrace forgiveness. (especially towards yourself)

To let go of the fear of what you can’t do and embrace the hope of what you can do.

It’s time.