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Quick and Healthy: Primal Mushroom-Crust Pizza

Who says you can’t have pizza on a paleo diet? Not I.  One of the great things about Paleo is that where there’s a will, there’s a way. There are a ton of alternative food choices/ingredients out there that can be used to create a Paleo-friendly version of your favorite foods.  It might take a little bit of experimentation to get things just right, but it CAN be done.  (Case in point: Christmas Cookies.)

One of my favorite foods is pizza, but I needed a way to avoid all that nasty gluten exposure.  Solution:  create a crust out of diced mushrooms and a bit of almond meal.  Lucky for us, this was great the first time we tried it.

This recipe actually falls into the “primal” realm, which is a little more lenient on dairy.  If you are still on your first 30-day Paleo challenge, just leave the cheese off and it will still be freaking delicious.  Here’s the basic recipe. Continue reading

Quick and Healthy: Mega-Morning Mexican Omelet

Hey gang!  Today I wanted to share with you all my go-to breakfast. Mornings can be a rough time for people to eat well.  Veggies, especially, seem difficult for people to get in early in the day, and many argue that it is simply “easier” to pour a bowl of cereal than to spend some time over the stove.  However, with a little practice and a healthy routine, you can easily make a healthy, veggie-packed breakfast in under 10 minutes that will satisfy your hunger well past lunch-time.  I make this omelet (or some variation of it) almost every weekday.  I’ts delicious, has plenty of protein and healthy fats, and can easily be made with whatever veggies you have lying around.

My morning omelet with some extra jalapeño peppers!

What You’ll Need: Continue reading

More on Boxed Lunches

Bento – Japanese Boxed lunches

Yesterday I wrote 5 tips for staying healthy at work by packing your own lunch.  Personally, I like to keep lunches simple, and stick to foods that are tasty and keep well.  But that’s definitely not the only way to do it.  Every day in Japan, mom’s spend inordinate amounts of time making Bento (boxed lunches) for their kids to take to school.  Here’s a great video on how to make one.  WARNING:  this contains non-Paleo foods.  Watch with care. 😉

Environmentally Friendly Lunch Box

If you’re looking for a snazzier lunch box that is environmentally friendly and will last longer than Tupperware containers (and aren’t we all), check out Planet Box. These come highly recommended from Sarah over at Everyday Paleo, a mother of 3, Paleo blogger, and kicka– trainer.  Thoughts?

Pack-able “Health” Foods to Avoid

Finally, a note on some “health” foods that pack easy, but should be avoided. Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness just posted a great article about 7 “Healthy” Foods That Actually Suck.  If I taught a gym class, it would be required reading.  Seriously.

What health foods do you find suspect?  How do you pack your lunch?  Can dogs really cook?

Have a great weekend everybody, and as always, stay healthy.

Brown Baggin’ It: Paleo-Style

Today's boxed lunch: grilled chicken, baked sweet potato spears, cherry tomatoes, and walnuts.

One of the easiest places to fall off of your Free to Eat wagon is at work. It’s outside of your home (where you have surrounded yourself with good food options), you’re there at least 5 times a week, and you may not have many good food options available to you. Add stress to this mix (#comfort food), and things have the potential to get ugly.

Solution:  Pack a lunch

While you should feel free to eat out (#nofoodguilt), packing a Paleo-friendly lunch to take to work with you is a great way to maintain energy levels throughout the afternoon (without the post-lunch carb crash) and to stay on track to meet your fitness goals. I’ve been packing lunches every day for over 8 months now, and while I still have a lot to learn in the kitchen, here are a couple of useful tricks I’ve picked up along the way. Continue reading