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New Guest Post – Coaching Yourself to a Great Kettlebell Swing

I have a new blog up on the Force homepage on Self-Coaching the Kettlebell Swing.  The goal of the series is to help you teach yourself to do an exercise with more efficiency using a series of self-awareness drills.  I understand that not everyone has access to a qualified coach – so hopefully this will help you feel confident in your swing even if you don’t have someone giving you direct feedback.  Even if you have a coach, these drills can help you become more aware of your position, tension/relaxation, and timing in the swing.


Why We Don’t Exercise

Storm Trooper Gym

At The Human Animal, we believe in the power of self-discovery through discussion.  Our goal with this podcast is to start a conversation, but not finish it.  The process of exploring what it means to be a human animal is uniquely your own, and yet you will find many shared experiences with those in your tribe.  Often, we discover something about ourselves through the people closest to us.  So enjoy – connect – reflect – and most of all, embrace the journey.


This week, Jake and Matt sit down to discuss the concept of the “85%” of people not currently engaged in an exercise/movement practice.  Is it so crazy to think that what the fitness industry has to offer doesn’t appeal to 85% of us?  We don’t think so.  So where does that leave us?  What are the entry points to movement and fitness that are being left out?

We’ll cover:

  • Why the 85% of us who don’t “exercise” might not be crazy at all
  • Is fitness “fun” anymore?  Was it ever?
  • How to work at the edge of your ability (in more ways than one)
  • Play as an entry point to fitness and movement

…and so much more!

We really enjoyed this discussion and hope that you will too.


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Program Design – How to Write the Best Training Programs for Yourself

In today’s episode, we dive into training program design.  If you on your own without a coach, what movements are a part of the most effective training programs?

As always, it depends.  However, wherever your functional “gaps” are (i.e. the most basic movements that you DON’T do on a regular basis) is where you can get the biggest bang for your buck.

We go on to discuss different movement categories, considerations when you are on your own, is strength training supplemental, and how play might be better than any regimented training program you can do (again, within a specific goal set).

We hope you enjoy the episode!  As a bonus, we’ve laid out our Program Minimums below.  Look for a full blog post on this and video links to come!

Efficient Program Design

Pick one from each of the following two categories.  One of these will go in “Workout A”, the other in “Workout B”.

Bilateral Lift
-Goblet Squat
-KB Swing

Single/Split Lift
-Step Up
-Split Squat/Forward Lunge

Pick one from each of the following two categories. One of these will go in “Workout A”, the other in “Workout B”.

Upper Push
-Push Up
-1-Arm KB Push Press
-Iso Push

Upper Pull
-Pull Up
-TRX Row (suspended row)
-Iso Pull

Pick one from each of the following two categories. One of these will go in “Workout A”, the other in “Workout B”.

-Front Rack

-Weighted Crawl
-Weighted Sled Push
-Weighted Sled Drag

  • 2 days/week to start.
  • Perform 3-5 sets of 5-10 reps (each), or 10-40yds (each).
  • Rotate exercises every 3 weeks.
  • Do some sort of ground movement or “reset” between each set or each exercise.

The Second One About Nutrition (and Play!)

This week, Matt, Nate and Jake sit down to talk about the upcoming Challenge at their gym, and how their views of “good nutrition” and “good coaching” have evolved over the past year.  They also spend some time talking about the evolution of play within fitness (a topic we will be discussing in more detail in the coming months.)  There are some really critical concepts in here for coaches and athletes alike.  We hope you enjoy the discussion!


The Human Animal Team

Training Young Athletes w/ Special Guest Spencer Roloff

This week I am excited to have Coach Spencer Roloff on the pod!  Spencer is one of the phenomenal coaches at Force Fitness and has taken over our AR (Athletic Revolution) Program.  He mainly trains middle school and high school athletes, but also competes in Olympic Weightlifting and dances to Taylor Swift songs while wearing elf costumes – what’s not to like?

Today, we’ll cover a variety of topics on training, mindset, early specialization, and more!  Whether you are a parent, an athlete, or both – this one is for you.

Check it out.

PS You can find Spencer on Instagram/Twitter at: