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Breathing w/ Special Guest Lucy Hendricks


This week, we are so lucky to have the lovely Lucy Hendricks on the pod!  Lucy is a coach at Gym Laird Strength and Conditioning in Lexington, KY and an all around beast when it comes to helping people breathe more efficiently and effectively.  Why does this matter?  Because breathing is the base of everything else we do.  Listen and I bet you’ll be surprised how much this can help your health and fitness!

*Note:  We had some technical difficulties with my microphone during the first 10minutes so the conversation might sound choppy but I edited my parts out.

Lucy also answered questions from our facebook page!

Check it out.


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Why We Love CrossFit

It’s popular to be a hater.  In fact, it seems it’s gotten even more popular with the anonymity the internet provides.  The latest in a long-line of hot button topics that apparently no one can agree about (you either LOVE it or HATE it) is CrossFit.
Unfortunately, I rarely see these conversations result in constructive outcomes.  Each side simply becomes more entrenched in their opinion, trading barbs until one side becomes bored and leaves the conversation.  I’ve been a part of some of these parties, and guess what?  They suck.  I never feel uplifted leaving them, just drained.

So, in an effort to put a little more positivity out on the internet, we give you Why We Love CrossFit.  In this episode, Jake and I look at the positives we can learn from the growth of CrossFit, as well as what the program has really gotten right in our opinion.

There is always a lesson to be learned.  I think it’s more productive to be a student than a hater.  How about you?

What is MovNat and How Can It Help My Business?

Note from the author:  this is an article I wrote originally to be published in Fit Business Insider, but I decided to share it here instead.  Over the years, I’ve gotten about a dozen emails asking me about MovNat, the certification, and the benefits.  This article will tackle some of that.  It is geared towards gym owners and coaches, but I think there are lessons in here for everyone.  Hope you enjoy it!

The Human Zoo


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Have you ever been inside a big box store and just watched how people move?  Chances are, most of them aren’t walking tall with a neutral spine and a proper gait.  They might be draped over a shopping cart as if they can barely hold themselves up, or have a slight limp from an old surgery, or simply move stiffly from years of muscle disuse.  After all, it doesn’t take much movement nowadays for people to get where they’re going (i.e. the car, the kitchen table, the toilet, the desk, and the couch).

That’s where we come in.  We’re here to help people get in shape and get up off the couch – to fight the good fight against the obesity and orthopedic epidemics sweeping the nation.  And with more than $100 billion being spent each year on low back disorders in the U.S. alone, there’s never been a time when we’ve been more needed.

Looking at our physical states today, one can’t help but wonder whether our ancestors ever had to deal with these issues?  How did they get prepped for a hunt without a foam roller and some voodoo floss?  How can we recapture the level of fitness and robustness that our ancestors so obviously possessed, short of throwing ourselves back into the stone age and hunting & gathering our food?  It’s simple: we can do what they did by practicing the very same movements demanded by their daily lives and facilitated by our mutual physiology.

Movement is the Key

Enter MovNat – a physical education system based on these same human movement skills.  In MovNat, we train how we were meant to move.  Running, Crawling, Climbing, Balancing, Lifting, Carrying, Jumping, Throwing and Catching – these are the movement categories that are universal to the human experience and our physiology.  Or at least they were, before the advent of the modern lifestyle.

So what?  Why should you, as an owner or coach, take note of MovNat?  How can it benefit your service and your clients?   I’m going to get to that.  But before I do, let’s step back for a minute and talk about what it is we provide our clients.

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10 Ways to Improve Your Fitness Without Exercise

Barefoot in Tribeca

1.  Sit on the floor

Sitting on the floor engages our postural muscles and causes us to switch positions often.  This simple activity will do wonders for opening up your hip mobility and creating a more stable and reflexive core.

2.  Put your mattress on the floor.

The amount of time we spend in a certain position (frequency) plays a huge role in determining our function.  Our body will adapt to positions and forces that it experiences most often.  Putting your mattress on the floor is another way to introduce more squatting into your every day routine.  These kind of simple environment modifications end up going a long way, because you aren’t changing your habit (you will still get into and out of bed), you’re just changing how you do it.

3.  Squatty potty.

Another way to add squatting into your day, but it also sets you up in the anatomically correct position to do your business.  Well worth the investment.

4.  Mobile workstation.

Standing workstations have been all the rage recently, but what about mobile workstations?  We weren’t built to stand all day long, just as we weren’t built to sit in a chair all day.  Kelly Starett of has a great saying,

“Your best position is your next position.”

Set up a couple of areas around your home or office were you can go to get work done.  Maybe one is on the floor, one is on a counter, one is on carpet, another on a hard surface.  The idea is that you change venues often (at least every hour) in order to engage in more movement and keep your body fresh. Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Priorities


This week on The Human Animal Podcast, the whole crew is back together again!  We started off talking about a situation a friend of mine is in and how her coaches are/aren’t helping her.  Then we got in to our “order of priority for health” and things took an interesting turn.  You’ll see what I mean :).

Bon appetit!

-The Human Animal Crew

P.S. Make sure you tune in for the last 10 minutes especially!  I think we really touched on something important there.