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MOVE: Organic Recovery

I wanted to share with you all another movement sequence I put together a couple of weeks ago as a “recovery” day.

When I think about putting a sequence together, one of the first things I consider is my level of fatigue for the day.  Unlike what many other fitness pro’s will tell you, I believe you MUST adjust for said fatigue – not just power through.

One common recovery protocol is to eliminate 50% of the volume of work.  This can be especially effective for athletes on a specific training program.  However, most people are in the general population category and don’t need to be concerned about sticking to the T of their program all the time.  They don’t have an event they are trying to peak for and they aren’t getting paid to perform in a sport.

If able, I prefer to shift my focus to something that feels natural for my body that day.  This is a skill that took me a long time to develop, and one that I am still developing.  It requires a lot of mindfulness and a willingness to change plans mid-stride if something isn’t working.

I try not to workout with loud music or other distractions other than my own thoughts and the environment around me.  Simply taking some time to move skillfully and mindfully goes a LONG way towards keeping you healthy and moving towards your goals.

Live to fight another day.

Movement Snacks, Series 1

Movement Snacks are simple movements you can perform most anywhere – they are not intended to be a “workout”, but rather to be playful, exploratory, and challenging.  They are a great way to break up the monotony of your movement environment and realize your potential as a human mover to be free!  

I’ve gained a lot of insight through Ido Portal’s Isolation, Integration, Improvisation principle.  First, start with isolating the different parts of a movement to learn them quickly.  Then, integrate those movements together to create a sequence.  Finally, allow for artistic expression and improvise as you feel more and more confident with your movement capability!  This is the true art of movement.

Note:  Not all of these will be appropriate for every person.  Use your best judgement when performing them.  And please, feel free to improvise off of these movements or create your own!

Roll to Hand Balance

Floor Sliders

[excuse the PJs in this one]

The Washing Machine

Hip Openers

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Quick Update and New Videos

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share with you a couple of quick videos of some training I’ve been working on with my main-man Nate.  These are movements I’ve been progressing up to over the past year, so it was awesome when it all came together!  Also, I’ll be leaving for Ireland for a week (yay for family vacations!) but hope to shoot some cool movement sequences to share with you all while I’m over there.



50″ Box Jump

Dive Roll (lower rib)

How to Integrate MovNat Into Your Strength and Conditioning Routine

To build your own MovNat program, it’s important to understand the relationship between conditioning and skill acquisition.  Far from being mutually exclusive, your current strength and conditioning program can absolutely feed into a rich natural movement practice.  The key is progression – a relationship I call the skill-conditioning continuum.

Conditioning-Skill Continuum Arc

Gray Cook writes in his book “Movement” that we should never add strength to a movement dysfunction.  This sentiment is echoed in MovNat’s philosophy – you will gain conditioning through training movement skills, but not necessarily the other way around. Continue reading

MovNat Warm Up Flow #1

Hi gang!

Recently, I’ve been playing around with some different movement flows as the dynamic portion of my warm up and movement preparation.  Here is a sequence I really like, especially for preparing the hips for any kind of squatting, lunging, running, etc.  Give it a try and see how you feel!

All the best,