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MovNat Warm Up Flow #1

Hi gang!

Recently, I’ve been playing around with some different movement flows as the dynamic portion of my warm up and movement preparation.  Here is a sequence I really like, especially for preparing the hips for any kind of squatting, lunging, running, etc.  Give it a try and see how you feel!

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Sandbag Carry “Finisher”

This is a great way to finish your movement session or workout.  Start with a decently heavy sandbag (the one pictured was 80#).  Find a bunch of different ways to carry it, and rotate through those carries for 10 minutes, switching after one variation fatigues or after a set distance, such as 20 yards.  Not only is this very functional, but challenging as well!

Deadlift set up.  Make sure you keep a neutral spine!

Deadlift set up. Make sure you keep a neutral spine!

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Movement Combo – Baby Power Progression

Movement Combo inspired by MovNat.

Cycle 1, Week 2, Day 1

Since I didn’t get a chance to post a video for the original workout, I’ll post here, as well as the minor progressions we made this week.  Most of it was a matter of volume.


  1. Rotary Stability Hard Roll x5ea.  Awesome substitute for MB Shot Puts.
  2. Lateral Figure 4 Get-Up x5ea. Increase weight and reps.
  3. Split Broad Jump x5ea.  Focus on getting up as HIGH as possible from your jump position.
  4. Bear Crawl x40yds (30# vest).  Forward and backward.
  5. Bar Muscle Up Progressions x2.  We kept this one the same because it’s a BEAR.

Find the Week 1 combo here.  All moves in this combo are adapted from the original.



Movement Combo – Depth Carry

Another day of inspiration and fun.  My main man Nate “Red Beard” Miller helped out with this one.    Expect to see him make continuing experiences on the blog and in videos.  He’s awesome!

We came up with this combo in the back room at Force Fitness and Performance (where we both work).  I hope this goes to show you can always find ways to work out creatively wherever you are!

  1. Bear Hug/Shoulder Carry
  2. Depth Jump Landings
  3. MB Side Throw to Sprint
  4. Duck Under Variations
  5. Lateral Swing Traverse

We finished this off with some partner “tag” sprints.  One person lines up in front and tries to make it to the marker before the person behind can catch up.  We ran about 40m four times.


-Matt (& Nate)