Seminars and Workshops


What is OS Play?

OS Play is a workshop developed by Matt Myers for Original Strength LLC.  It’s purpose is to inspire a return to play, and highlight the ways that play can fit into our physical practice, restore movement, and build up communities.  It’s also how Matt recruits Ninja’s to fight the forces of evil and sloth around the globe. 🙂

We believe that play is freedom.  We are at a crossroads in the fitness and exercise industry.   On one end, we have exercise that further and further disconnects us from our minds, bodies, and spirits.  On the other, we feel a call to move, play, and train in a way that not only strengthens our bodies, but our minds, hearts, and communities.  It is our sincerest hope that OS Play can be one small step down the second path.

How does this fit within the Original Strength Systems?

The Original Strength Resets give us the blueprint to reclaim freedom of movement.  Play, then, gives us the opportunity to explore that individual freedom, and then investigate how that connects us with our tribe and globe. 

The resets model how we first learned to explore our world and in themselves are founded in play and experimentation – but we weren’t supposed to stop there.  There is a lot of other “goodness” that we can build upon in the OS Resets and beyond.  And we believe all this other “stuff” is an important piece of restoration.

Who is it for?

OS Play is for anyone who is interested in learning more about the science and the art of play.  Some people who might especially be interested are:  personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, parents, teachers and other community leaders, as well as individuals with an interest for exploring other options for physical activity, or who love being goofy ninjas.  We ask that all participants be 13 or older, though the material presented can be applied to any age group.  (I – Matt – use a lot of the same concepts with his 6-9 year old Little Ninja’s class!)

What will we do?

The 3-hour course consists of balance between discussion and play.  Usually, this works out to 15 minutes of discussion time, followed by 30 minutes of active movement and play.  While we stay busy, the course is designed so that you can easily participate throughout.

Discussion #1:  Overview of Why we play and how OS Play came to be

Play #1:  Exploring Ground Flow – i.e. how we can play with the Resets and develop awareness of our own movement (individual games)

Discussion #2:  Why we don’t play and the benefits of play

Play #2:  Exploring Movement with Others  (non-contact group/partner games)

Discussion #3:  Overview of How We Can Become Play Maestro’s

Play #3:  Exploring Movement with Others  (partner games)

Discussion #4:  Overview of Applications of Play

Play #4:  Exploring Circular Play and Collaborative Play (group games)

What previous experience do I need to have?

None!  All of our games can be modified to fit any individual.  Our focus is on how we can play better as a tribe.  We challenge each other, but in a way that is inclusive and welcoming.

What resources will I receive?

You will receive the OS Play Manual, which covers the WHY, HOW, and WHAT of play in great detail and includes dozens of games you can take home and implement right away.

You’ll also have lifetime access to additional games and supplementals we develop as our community continues to grow.  We have our first supplemental planned for release in Fall of 2016!

What is the cost?

The cost for first time participants is $149.  All alumni can come back for another OS Play workshop for $30.

Where do I sign up?

Follow the link for Original Strength’s Special Events and see when and where our next OS Play workshop will be!  Or, reach out to Matt at “” to inquire after scheduling a special session.