The Overhead Press is another of the fundamental FreeFit movements.  Being able to control and stabilize weight overhead is critical for long-term quality of life (putting groceries away, picking up your kids to play “airplane”, etc.) not to mention an important part of balance within our movements.  Plus, it feels awesome once you build up to your first handstand or even handstand push up!  But don’t worry if you’re not there yet – there’s still plenty of exercises you can do to work on this wholly natural strength movement.

Getting Started – Progressions

Points of performance:

  • Butt in the air, back in a straight line, head in between shoulders, hands about shoulder-width apart.
  • Maintain active shoulders by continuously pressing shoulders to your ears.  The movement is never finished!  You should always be active.
  • Follow the line of your arm as you slide into and out of the press position.  You should feel this in your shoulders, not your pecs.
  • Increase the difficulty by bringing your hips higher into the air and closer to your hands.  This puts more of your body weight directly overhead and places more stress on your shoulders.  (Stress = adaptation.)
More to come on Handstands and Handstand Push up variations!