Quick list of important links to get you started.

MOVE – my manifesto on movement, play, and all things I’ve learned over the years.

  • Rules of the Dojo – you must obey the rules to enter.  Perhaps my most important post ever.
  • Warm Up – warming up is a powerful way to add a movement multi-vitamin to your everyday.  Here are some awesome options.
  • Training – get some ideas for how to put programs together

EAT – how does nutrition fit into this whole mess?  How should a human animal eat?  Whatever answers I have are here.

  • Nutrition in One Page – a quick printable resource to reference back to
  • Glossary of Terms – stuff can get complex quickly with all the short hand and terms out there.  Use this to make sense of it.
  • Recipes – links to some of my favorite home-made recipes!

LIVE – all the other factors come together here:  the importance of stress, sleep, mindfulness, and community to a truly vibrant life!

  • Goal-Setting Grid – start thinking of your big picture goal, and all the paths that lead you there.  Do you have the blueprint for success yet?