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Body Image w/ Molly Galbraith

episode 36 body image w/ molly galbraith

This week we have the amazing Molly Galbraith on the pod!  Molly is a trainer, lecturer, writer, and all around great person.  I was fortunate enough to meet Molly during the Train Like A Girl 2 Seminar (which she hosted and spoke at).  We’ve been keeping up with each other ever since on a topic near and dear to our hearts:  promoting healthy body image and mindset in our clients, friends, and family.  Molly jumped on the pod to discuss just this and other topics as well!

You can find more of Molly’s work here [and you’re going to want to :)]

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Review: CrossFit Level 1 Certification

Okay, here it goes.  I’m going to try to explain my experience at the CrossFit level 1 certification course (held in Seoul, Korea) – in 500 words or less.  Let’s see how I do. Continue reading

Hunt and Gather – Food on the Road – Osaka Airport

One of the most important things to consider when you are travelling is FOOD. Normally, I live by this rule:  eat real food.  But when you are in a new place without access to a stove, on a schedule, and unaware of where the grocery store is, it can get tricky.  A little preparation and thought can go a long way – as well as knowing what foods you CAN eat in excess without feeling too crappy.

Here’s a video I shot at Osaka Airport on my way out to the CrossFit Level 1 cert. detailing what I brought along to keep me healthy and ready to go.

What kinds of travel foods would you never leave home without?

-Stay healthy everybody.

Mobility in the Airport – Prepping for the CF Lvl 1 cert

Hey everyone!

This week and next, I’ll be rolling out some videos, articles, and other content all about my trip to the CrossFit lvl 1 Certification in Seoul, South Korea. It was an amazing journey with ups and downs and lots of lessons learned. I won’t keep you waiting for the results though…I passed! So now I am officially CrossFit certified. So excited and glad to be on my way towards my goal of helping people get healthy and find joy in life through exercise and lifestyle changes.

First up, here’s a quick video I shot in the airport the day I left. Check it out and please leave a comment on how YOU would prep (or did prep) for a CrossFit cert.

-Stay healthy everybody.

CrossFit: Functional vs. Natural

I love Crossfit. Since the moment when I was first introduced to it almost 3 years ago, nothing has made me think more critically about programming, conventional wisdom (CW) in exercise science, ‘metabolic conditioning’, different disciplines of fitness (power lifting, Olympic lifting, endurance sports, gymnastics, etc.), and most of all, the importance of functional fitness.

What is Functional Fitness? Continue reading