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10 Ways to Improve Your Fitness Without Exercise

Barefoot in Tribeca

1.  Sit on the floor

Sitting on the floor engages our postural muscles and causes us to switch positions often.  This simple activity will do wonders for opening up your hip mobility and creating a more stable and reflexive core.

2.  Put your mattress on the floor.

The amount of time we spend in a certain position (frequency) plays a huge role in determining our function.  Our body will adapt to positions and forces that it experiences most often.  Putting your mattress on the floor is another way to introduce more squatting into your every day routine.  These kind of simple environment modifications end up going a long way, because you aren’t changing your habit (you will still get into and out of bed), you’re just changing how you do it.

3.  Squatty potty.

Another way to add squatting into your day, but it also sets you up in the anatomically correct position to do your business.  Well worth the investment.

4.  Mobile workstation.

Standing workstations have been all the rage recently, but what about mobile workstations?  We weren’t built to stand all day long, just as we weren’t built to sit in a chair all day.  Kelly Starett of MobilityWOD.com has a great saying,

“Your best position is your next position.”

Set up a couple of areas around your home or office were you can go to get work done.  Maybe one is on the floor, one is on a counter, one is on carpet, another on a hard surface.  The idea is that you change venues often (at least every hour) in order to engage in more movement and keep your body fresh. Continue reading

Parkour and Ninja Warrior w/ Travis Noble Graves


This week we have another special guest on the pod, Travis Noble Graves!  Travis and I met back at one of the original MovNat certifications in Boston in 2012.  He designs all the conditioning programs for American Parkour, runs classes at their location in D.C., and teaches a Parkour certification instructors across the country.  If that weren’t enough, he’s also been a Finalist on American Ninja Warrior!  In this episode, we cover:

  • What is Parkour?
  • Is it dangerous and who can practice Parkour?
  • Overlaps between Parkour and MovNat
  • The importance of mindset (this was my biggest takeaway)
  • Community and History in Parkour
  • Conditioning in Parkour
  • and of course, AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR!

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Overtraining vs Under Recovering


This week Jake comes to the table with a question he’s been wrestling with:  how much training is too much training?  Specifically, he’s asking about young swimmers who spend 12 hours a week in the pool and are looking for more training to do outside of the pool.  What advice is best?  This sparks a discussion that covers:

  • What is overtraining?
  • The Stress-Recovery Cycle and Minimum Effective Dose
  • How to tell if you are working out too little or too much
  • Symptoms of overtraining
  • And basically how we can fix youth sports in America…

No punches were held back.  Take a listen and give us feedback on the FreeFit Guy facebook page! (which just had a bit of a makeover).

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Break out of the zoo.

-The Human Animal Team

Body Image w/ Molly Galbraith

episode 36 body image w/ molly galbraith

This week we have the amazing Molly Galbraith on the pod!  Molly is a trainer, lecturer, writer, and all around great person.  I was fortunate enough to meet Molly during the Train Like A Girl 2 Seminar (which she hosted and spoke at).  We’ve been keeping up with each other ever since on a topic near and dear to our hearts:  promoting healthy body image and mindset in our clients, friends, and family.  Molly jumped on the pod to discuss just this and other topics as well!

You can find more of Molly’s work here [and you’re going to want to :)]

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Six Pillars of Holistic Fitness

episode 35 six pillars of holistic fitness

This week we pull back the veil and uncover exactly how we think about coaching someone to long-term success.  We use this framework to inform our decision-making, whether it be in a one-on-one sit down, an initial intake, a meeting with a client who feels “stuck” or wants to continue their progress to the next level, or even yourself!

This is our best episode yet (in my opinion).  Whether you are a coach or just someone looking to cultivate a healthy lifestyle, this will give you the template for how to start and never stop.

6 Pillars of Inside/Out Fitness