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New Goal-Setting Series on Force Bloomington

I wanted to let you guys know about a three-part series I wrote for the Force Bloomington blog about Goal Setting.  This is a great companion piece to our podcast on goal-setting.  We’ve been sharing it with all of our clients at Force and have had great feedback so far!  Here’s a brief except:

“It’s important that we not only set goals, but that we develop some structure to how we set, track, and achieve those goals.  I want to lay out for you how to create a goal-setting practice that is specific enough to plan for your unique needs and goals while flexible enough to allow for adjustments along the way.”

Follow the links below for more!

An Approach to Goal-Setting

Part 1:  Zoom Out – Zoom In – Zoom Out

Part 2:  Applying the Model

Part 3:  Paving the Way to Success




Nutrition and Play Redux

Episode 48: Nutrition and Play Redux

This week, Matt, Nate and Jake sit down to talk about the upcoming Challenge at their gym, and how their views of “good nutrition” and “good coaching” have evolved over the past year.  They also spend some time talking about the evolution of play within fitness (a topic we will be discussing in more detail in the coming months.)  There are some really critical concepts in here for coaches and athletes alike.  We hope you enjoy the discussion!


The Human Animal Team

Do You Have a Health or a Fitness Goal?

episode 32 do you have a health or fitness goal

This week, Nate and I sit down to cover a topic near and dear to our hearts: goal-setting.  Why do we set the goals we do?  Are they appropriate for what we want to accomplish?  And how does the fitness industry alter our perception of ourselves?  This was one of our most powerful discussions yet!

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But Are You Happy?

As January rolls around, many gyms (including mine) will be filling up with new faces who have new resolutions for a new year.  Right about now there are hundreds of blog posts hitting the interwebs all about how to set good goals – and rightly so.  Most resolutions fail in large part because the goal setting process didn’t have structure.  But setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-specific) goals isn’t the whole picture, and it isn’t what I want to talk about today.  Today, I want to talk about what motivates us to set these resolutions in the first place. Continue reading

I Met My Goal, Now What?


This week brings another episode and another topic.  Once you have met your initial fitness goal, what motivates you to continue on?  In this episode, we cover:

  • How do we go about setting new goals?
  • What are the coaches’ current goals and why did we set them?
  • Why fitness and philosophy go hand-in-hand
  • Why this question “I met my goal, now what?” is a critical turning point in your own fitness journey.

…and more!

Enjoy 🙂