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Seasonal Movement w/ Ben Medder

In Episode 66, I talk with movement coach, father and philosopher Ben Medder about his journey into coaching, how he built his practice and shares it with others, and the importance of moving with the seasons. You can find more of Ben’s stuff at:


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Knowledge, Experts, and Baby Food


Episode 2 is recorded and ready to hit your ear holes.  In this weeks podcast, Jake and I continue to build the framework from which we see the health/fitness world.  This episode and episode 1 should set up the rest of the Q&A and special topic episodes, and we’ll likely be referring back to them consistently.


To summarize some of the talk more succinctly, when we look at a new piece of information, we consider the following:

1.  How does this fit into our Principles-Based Framework (very different from method-based!)?  Does it add to what we already know, change what we know, or fly in the face of what we know? Continue reading