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Seasonal Movement w/ Ben Medder

In Episode 66, I talk with movement coach, father and philosopher Ben Medder about his journey into coaching, how he built his practice and shares it with others, and the importance of moving with the seasons. You can find more of Ben’s stuff at:


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Want Vs. Need

In this comeback episode of the Human Animal Podcast, we dig into the vault and bring out a pod we recorded about six months ago.  I was sitting on it trying to figure out how the make the audio sound clearer after we had a massive equipment malfunction – hopefully I did well enough that you guys can hear what’s going on.  🙂

The central theme of this episode is discussing the idea of WANT vs NEED, and how we see this play out in the gym and at large.  It stems from a conversation I had with coaching mentor Tim Anderson of Original Strength.  During a period of frustration I told him I was trying to figure out “how much I needed to do” in order to achieve my goal.  He asked me “how much I wanted to do.”  It was exactly what I needed to hear.

A bonus question to think about:  how/when are wants and needs different, and how can we change the things that scare us into the things that inspire us?


Mindful Eating Redux

episode 42 mindful eating redux


On this week’s episode, Nate and I sit down to talk about Mindful Eating and how our thinking has evolved over the last year of practice and coaching.  We introduce our revised 3 rules of mindful eating, talk about the first two steps to any successful nutrition plan, and discuss if happiness is really the root of what we are searching for.

We both feel we have grown and learned so much from our experiences on the podcast.  We openly invite you to join us in our journey as we continue to evolve in our message and our thinking.  Thank you for being a part of it all!

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140 Character Philosopher

I recently hit 1,000 total tweets on my Twitter account, freefitguy. It spurred me to go back and look at how my thoughts have evolved over the past 3 years.  Some things my thoughts have shifted on, while others still struck a chord with me.  I hope that something in here will strike a similar chord with you and serve as some small inspiration for your day.

Screenshot 2014-03-07 17.27.46

Train at the edge of your ability regularly, but at the edge of your capacity rarely. #freefitguyacademy

One of the best program minimum systems out there – @Mark_Sisson‘s 3 rules: move frequently at a slow pace, lift heavy things, & sprint

Spending time in the proper progressions and teaching perception will yield stunning results in the long and short-term.

OVERcoaching is often the result of UNDERpreparing your athlete/client.

Change the movement environment, change the movement behavior.

Top 2 ways we can help prevent ACL injury in female athletes via ortho surgeon – Teach landing mechanics and help them get a “fanny” #TLAG2

You must change your perception to change your reality. While the first is difficult, the second is impossible without it.

New poster I want in my gym: “Fatigue is not the goal. Getting better is the goal.” #lessismore

Performance does not guarantee health. #TrainLikeAGirl2

@JoelJamieson knocked it out of the park with his presentation. “Stress is stress whether perceived or real.” #stressmanagement #TLAG2 Continue reading

I Met My Goal, Now What?


This week brings another episode and another topic.  Once you have met your initial fitness goal, what motivates you to continue on?  In this episode, we cover:

  • How do we go about setting new goals?
  • What are the coaches’ current goals and why did we set them?
  • Why fitness and philosophy go hand-in-hand
  • Why this question “I met my goal, now what?” is a critical turning point in your own fitness journey.

…and more!

Enjoy 🙂