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How to Integrate MovNat Into Your Strength and Conditioning Routine

To build your own MovNat program, it’s important to understand the relationship between conditioning and skill acquisition.  Far from being mutually exclusive, your current strength and conditioning program can absolutely feed into a rich natural movement practice.  The key is progression – a relationship I call the skill-conditioning continuum.

Conditioning-Skill Continuum Arc

Gray Cook writes in his book “Movement” that we should never add strength to a movement dysfunction.  This sentiment is echoed in MovNat’s philosophy – you will gain conditioning through training movement skills, but not necessarily the other way around. Continue reading

My Training

Hey all!  Today I’d like to post a piece I did for my gym newsletter.  It details my daily routine, training goals, nutrition, programming, etc.  I thought it would be a good resource to put on the blog.  I hope you enjoy it!

Tell us what you are trying to accomplish with your training and nutrition right now.  What are your goals? 

My goals are multi-layered.  First and foremost, I train (and eat) to be healthy, vital, and expand my boundaries.  This is why I will continue to train for the rest of my life.

Second, I train to be strong so that I may help others.  What is strength if I cannot use it to benefit those around me?  The results aren’t only physical – I train for inner-strength that comes from dedication, perseverance, and confidence as well.

Third, I train for fun.  For me, this means exploring how my body can move and acquiring new movement skills.  I train natural human movements ALA MovNat.  In my current program, I’m focusing on hand balancing, explosive jumping, and the ability to safely roll out of a fall.  If you’re training isn’t fun, what’s the point?  As Alwyn Cosgrove states in his first three rules of lifting:  “1.  Do something.  2.  Do something you love.  3.  The rest is just details.”

Why did you choose this goal?  What motivated you?  Continue reading

The Weekend WOD: Episode 1

Check out the video below for an awesome workout. I’ll try to do one of these a week if able.

Song:  “What You Know About Little Secrets” (T.I. vs. Passion Pit) – The White Panda

-Check it.


MOVE – Ladders Intro.

Ladders are another great programming tool for training functional movement. They allow us to elevate our reps during a workout (therefore increasing total work output) by avoiding fatigue/burn out.

The basic idea is this: pick 1-3 movements, depending on your focus, and start by doing 1 rep of each.  Rest for a second, then do 2 reps of each.  Keep increasing your reps by 1 each round until you can no longer complete the set.  Instead of ending the workout there, however, drop back down to 1 rep, and start building up again.  Below is a sample workout involving 2 movements:

  • Pull-ups:  (1-8, 1-7, 1-6, 1-5, 1-4, 1-3, 1-2, 1) = Total Reps: 120
  • HSPU [Handstand Push-ups]: (1-7, 1-6, 1-4, 1-3, 1-2, 1) = Total Reps: 69

Notice that I kept the Pull-ups and the Handstand Push-ups on different ladders. While I rotated between the two movements for as long as I could, once I was squeezed out on HSPU, I continued with pull-ups, allowing myself a longer break in between sets.

Using a wall to help with HSPU is a good way to do them more safely when you are just developing your technique.

*Looking for other workout programming tips?  Check out my posts on Tabata Intervals, AMRAP, and Periodization.

*Want workout suggestions?  Find them here.


Have you ever tried ladders?  If you have, what did you think?

-Stay healthy everybody.

Top 5 Posts…so far

Hi all!  It has officially been one month since the launch of FreeFit, and I can’t tell you how excited I am by the wonderful responses I’ve been getting.  So keep the questions, comments, and feedback coming.  I love it.

As of today, I am officially shutting down the old site over at wordpress.com and running solely on my own servers.  🙂

As a send-off to our first home, I thought I’d share the Top 5 Most viewed Posts in FreeFit Guy’s long (#tongueincheek), one month history.  See what others have been reading, and catch up on the best of FreeFit so far!

  1. Brown Baggin’ It :  Paleo Style — a couple of tips and tricks to get you on your way to packing a healthy lunch everyday!
  2. Paleo Banana-Nut Bread —  the perfect Paleo solution to coffee-cake, banana bread, and the like.
  3. Periodization: Setting 12-Week Goals — Tinker with your training and get better results by focusing on 12-week programs.
  4. Mushroom-Crust Pizza — Primal, gluten/worry-free pizza!
  5. Plan of Attack – The Desk Warrior — 10 tips and tricks to help the desk worker stay healthy and mobile.


Now it’s time to ask you guys.  What is your favorite FreeFit Guy post?

Thanks for reading, and stay healthy everybody.