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Quick and Healthy: Sweet Potato-Pumpkin Curry

This week, we bring you another recipe that will help you pack in a load of good veggies at meal-time. One thing a lot of people struggle with on a Paleo-diet is getting in enough vegetables throughout the day.  Adding veggies to soups/stews/curries is a great way to increase your nutritional intake.  What’s more, if you have any digestive issues, cooking vegetables/meat thoroughly like this will help you absorb all the nutrients. It takes a little longer to cook up, but it’s warm, spicy, hearty, delicious, nutritious, and re-heats really well.  So cook up a big batch and enjoy it for a couple of days!

What You’ll Need: Continue reading

Paleo Recipes: Sweet Potato/Pumpkin Souffle

Light, fluffy, and delicious, this souffle is easy to make and a perfect compliment to any Autumn spread.

This is possibly my favorite Paleo recipe.  It’s loaded with good fats, and has that little bit of sweetness that is a perfect compliment to any meal.  (Think inside-of-a-pumpkin-pie delicious).  Plus, with the pumpkin and sweet potato, it’s also a great PWO (post-workout) snack to replenish your glycogen stores! Continue reading