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Working Out On The Road

episode 30 working out on the road

This week, the crew talks about options for working out while on the road.  We’ll cover mindset, exercises, movement, and more!  Check it out.

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Have a great week!

-Matt, Nate & Jake

My Training

Hey all!  Today I’d like to post a piece I did for my gym newsletter.  It details my daily routine, training goals, nutrition, programming, etc.  I thought it would be a good resource to put on the blog.  I hope you enjoy it!

Tell us what you are trying to accomplish with your training and nutrition right now.  What are your goals? 

My goals are multi-layered.  First and foremost, I train (and eat) to be healthy, vital, and expand my boundaries.  This is why I will continue to train for the rest of my life.

Second, I train to be strong so that I may help others.  What is strength if I cannot use it to benefit those around me?  The results aren’t only physical – I train for inner-strength that comes from dedication, perseverance, and confidence as well.

Third, I train for fun.  For me, this means exploring how my body can move and acquiring new movement skills.  I train natural human movements ALA MovNat.  In my current program, I’m focusing on hand balancing, explosive jumping, and the ability to safely roll out of a fall.  If you’re training isn’t fun, what’s the point?  As Alwyn Cosgrove states in his first three rules of lifting:  “1.  Do something.  2.  Do something you love.  3.  The rest is just details.”

Why did you choose this goal?  What motivated you?  Continue reading

Sandbag Carry “Finisher”

This is a great way to finish your movement session or workout.  Start with a decently heavy sandbag (the one pictured was 80#).  Find a bunch of different ways to carry it, and rotate through those carries for 10 minutes, switching after one variation fatigues or after a set distance, such as 20 yards.  Not only is this very functional, but challenging as well!

Deadlift set up.  Make sure you keep a neutral spine!

Deadlift set up. Make sure you keep a neutral spine!

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Movement Combo – Balance Gap

Yesterday I put together this movement combo to get in a nice workout at home.  I love “workouts” that focus on mindful movement and technical efficiency, which is part of why I love MovNat.


Three Rounds for Quality of:

  1. Balance Gap Pass
  2. Jump to Bear Crawl
  3. Overhead Carry
  4. Parallette “Play”
  5. Table Corner Step Through